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BMW owners can book an appointment at BMW of Murray for routine service and maintenance. Regular service may help a BMW run better on Salt Lake City roads.

Changing Fluids

Routine service and maintenance could prevent more costly problems that undermine a BMW's condition. For example, changing fluids on time could avoid many issues related to friction in the various components. Aged-out motor oil may contribute to the wear-down of various components in the engine, and old transmission fluid could result in a totaled vehicle. Fluids, including coolant and brake fluid, require changing on time, too.

Tire and Wheel Service

Not taking care of the tires may avoidable problems. In time, tire treads and sidewalls degrade. Still, there are ways to prolong the life of a tire and avoid these problems. Routinely inspecting tires for leaks and other problems helps with uncovering defects.

Rotating the tires could prevent uneven and excessive wear. A wheel alignment may be necessary to avoid a similar problem, and a Park City technician may use a special measuring tool to determine whether the angles require an alignment.

Checking the Brakes

Brake inspections are another vital safety step since worn brakes may not stop a car in time to avoid a crash and could even outright fail on the roads. Various parts, along with hoses and brake lines, require inspections. If any issues with the braking system arise before scheduled maintenance, requesting an inspection near Sandy would be a good idea.

Battery Care

Not only does age degrade a battery, but so could extreme temperatures and other external factors. Rather than wait until the battery dies unexpectedly, request battery checks periodically. Also helpful might be cleaning corrosion from the battery since it can cause problems.

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