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Murray, UT 84107

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    Sales Staff

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    • BMW Management

    • Doug Brower - General Sales Manager
      General Sales Manager & VP Sales Operations

    • New BMW Sales Department

    • Benjamin Beer - Sales Manager
      New Car Sales Manager

      Certified: BMW of Murray

    • Robert Clark - Outside Sales
      Outside Corporate Sales

      Certified: BMW of Murray

      Robert Clark has been with BMW of Murray since 1998.  His passion for automobiles is what brought him here, but what he's truly come to enjoy are the personal relationships he's developed with clients over the years.  His product knowledge and understanding of the leasing and purchasing process allows him to provide efficient and comprehensive service to his many repeat clients and their referrals.

      Robert has been the recipient of BMW's Profiles In Achievement award each year for more than a decade, and has served on BMW of North America's Professional Council as well.
      Robert is a Utah native, growing up in Holladay and graduating from the University of Utah.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science, and is a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity.  His personal interests include surfing, skiing, travel, and driving his M3 at the race track.
      Please contact Robert to arrange an appointment for a thorough consultation and test drive.

    • Cesar Mackissack - Client Advisor
      BMW New Car Sales Client Advisor
      (801) 892-6978

    • Steve Hampshire- Client Advisor
      Client Advisor

      Certified: BMW of Murray

      Steve has loved cars since the first time his dad took him to a car show as a young boy.  He is thrilled to combine his passion with his career.  While he loves to talk about anything car-related, he finds that making his clients happy is even more satisfying.  His clients appreciate that he is honest, attentive and knowledgeable.  Steve is a Utah native and a graduate of the University of Utah.  He can't think of a better place to ski, mountain bike, hike, and spend time with his wife and two daughters. 

    • David Johansson- Client Advisor
      Client Advisor

      Certified: BMW of Murray

      David or "Hippie" as we know him, has been with BMW of Murray for almost 10 years. Dave has collected quite a following of loyal customers not unlike his favorite band the Grateful Dead.David has an easy going attitude which takes all the stress out of the car buying experience.  Dave is our European Delivery specialist. He has helped many clients arrange to pick up their new BMW's at the BMW Welt (BMW World) delivery facility in Munich Germany.Making his customers happy and actually enjoy the car buying experience has brought Dave's customers back over and over again. With his vast knowledge of BMW models and options he makes navigating the ordering process simple and easy.When not at work David enjoys riding his BMW bicycle, skiing or enjoying a CSB (cool soothing beverage) in his backyard listening to the Dead. Dave never misses an opportunity to attend an outdoor concert during the summer.

    • Randy Jorgensen- Client Advisor
      Client Advisor
      (801) 892-6910

    • Geoff Simeona - Client Advisor
      Client Advisor

      Certified: BMW of Murray

    • Ryan Roosendaal- Client Advisor
      Client Advisor

      Certified: BMW of Murray

      Ryan Roosendaal has been with BMW of Murray for over 7 years.  His enthusiasm for the brand and extensive knowledge on all things "BMW" make him easy to work with and turn buying a car into an enjoyable and exciting experience.  He has a passion for the Ultimate Driving Machine that is undeniably contagious.  His willingness to go above and beyond for every person means that you can trust Ryan to help you out the day you purchase your vehicle or down the road when you have a question or a concern.  

    • Robin Russell - Client Advisor
      Client Advisor

    • Chris Durr - Client Advisor
      Client Advisor

    • Kori Criddle- Client Advisor
      Client Advisor
      (801) 892-6901


    • Adi Juric - BMW Product Genius
      Product Genius

    • Panha Chuav - Sales Assistant
      Sales Assistant

    • Pre-Owned Sales Staff

    • Aron Dickerson- CPO Manager
      Certified Pre-Owned Sales Manager

      Certified: BMW of Murray

      My first memory is gazing past a green pasture to the wheat color foothills of central Utah carved the gentle curved black top of Highway 89, perched high in an antiquated barn loft that I had climbed.  I am told I was two and half years old.

      Decade or so  later, I'm at some anonymous cousin's wedding, there  I have my first experience with love at first sight,   a brand new Fiat 124 spider,  candy apple red with cashmere colored leather;  at that point became an automotive enthusiast

      In my later teenage years my friends and I would wait till late hours of the evening and speed to American Fork Canyon and the Alpine loop. There we would hone our driving skills on the ess curves, switchbacks and empty mountain roads, this is when I became driving enthusiast.

      Now many decades later I am still looking for the long drive with the top down, cool fall days, warm summer nights and warm spring days. My sienna red roadster spends less time in the garage on these fair weather days.  I'm still an automotive enthusiast, a driving enthusiast, and now a convertible enthusiast.

      Bonne Route

    • Parry Arbon - Used Sales Mgr
      Pre-Owned Sales Floor Manager

    • Scott Stratford - Client Advisor
      Pre-Owned Client Advisor

    • Sanel Kibric - Client Advisor
      Client Advisor
      (801) 892-6963

    • Natalie Young - Sales Assistant
      Sales Assistant

    • Internet Department

    • Andrea Dowland- Internet Advisor
      Internet Advisor

    • Andrew Dowd- Internet Advisor
      Internet Advisor

    • Brian Connole - Internet Inventory
      Internet Inventory Photographer